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Reactivation and Rebuilding of Existing Labs Initiative

About the Initiative

The fund provided through the initiative targets the enhancement of the existing labs, which will lead to increasing the number and quality of research outputs in terms of publication, patents, or ready for commercialization IPs. It will also expand the pool of national talented researchers and stimulate their participation in areas that will lead to breakthroughs in targeted fields.

Initiative Objectives

This initiative aims to support the maintenance and upgrading of existing equipment, facilitate the hiring of research staff such as postdoctoral fellows and researchers, and enable the hiring of supporting staff like technicians, specialists, or engineers to assist researchers. In summary, the initiative will:


research facilities in various research fields in alignment with the national priorities.


competitiveness of the research activities of the kingdom at the local and national level.


required fund to maintain or upgrade the status of the research labs or research centers in Saudi institutions.


scientific skills of Saudi researchers on utilizing cutting edge scientific technology.


research facilities in the kingdom to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and to the scientific community.


facility with the required human capital, tools, and technologies.

Applicant Eligibility

Research facilities with good research outputs record (i.e. currently or in the past) that do not have a sustainable funding source, and with the potential to support the overall kingdom’s RDI sector competitiveness are encouraged to submit their proposals. Applications can be received from all research centers or research labs in universities, hospitals, ministries, and non-profit organizations in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Focus Areas

The initiative will consider proposals from facilities that is currently or potentially working on any of the sub-area of the four main areas of national research priorities for RDI. These focus areas have been identified to help guide research, development, and innovation (RDI) efforts across the kingdom to address short, medium-, and long-term needs and challenges. The four areas are (for additional details please check the initiative’s guidelines):


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Why is "Sustainable Environment & Essential Needs" a prioity?

Given the challenges that humans face in obtaining basic needs such as water, food and energy sustainably, in addition to preserving the planet.


Sustainable Environment & Essential Needs


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Why is “Health and Wellness” a priority?

Human health is the most valuable thing we have, and given the challenges facing the Kingdom and the world, including the spread of chronic diseases, lack of medical examinations, low localization of medical and pharmaceutical product supply chains, and the significant and direct impact of overcoming those challenges on economy and development, thus health and wellness becomes a top national prioirty for Research, Development and Innovation.


Health and Wellness


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Why is "Economies of the Future" a priority?

The Kingdom intends to invest in research, development, and innovation through this priority in order to develop future economies.


Economies of the Future


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Why is "Energy & Industrial Leadership" a priority?

Based on the Kingdom's natural wealth, competitive advantages in the energy and industrial sectors, and global leadership in the energy sector, leadership in the field of energy and industry was selected as one of the priorities of the Kingdom's research, development, and innovation.


Energy & Industrial Leadership

Terms and Conditions


This initiative subjected to RDIA’s policies and national regulations.


All applicants should comply with the grants guidelines.


Proposals must not duplicate or have significant overlap with existing grants.


Applicants must provide their CVs including past/ongoing grants, if any.


Grant amount may differ from the requested amount based on review recommendations and availability.


All applicant institutions must have a Science and Technology unit (STU) that manage the grants cycle.


Initiative Beneficiaries

Public and private

Research centers


Initiative beneficiary:

Important Dates

Actions Date
Release of Call for Proposals 30-Aug-2023
Deadline for Submission of Proposals 14-Oct-2023


For more details, please refere to the grant documents below:


For application enquiries, such as eligibility queries, budget preparation, or technical issues with the portal, please contact