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Young Scholars Grant (YSG)

Goals and Objectives

The YSG is dedicated to nurturing and empowering the next generation of national research leaders.

This research grant aims to cultivate a vibrant community of future research leaders who will make significant contributions to their respective fields and the wider research community. The research output of successful proposals should contribute to addressing one or more of the four areas of the national research priorities

As a competitive funding track under the SBS initiative,the grant awards funds of up to SAR 1,500,000 over a period of 5 years. Through this grant, early career researchers with promising potential and innovative scientific ideas will compete for funding to pursue research, develop expertise and advance in their fields.

In summary, the grant will:


diverse research fields, encourage early career researchers to pursue groundbreaking research.


project-based funding for fundamental research in the KSA.


scientific talent and skills of young scholars.


contribution to the advancement of knowledge and the scientific community.


career development of new researchers.


early career researchers to pursue a career in RDI.

Applicant Eligibility

Applicants who have successfully completed a doctoral degree or an equivalent qualification in their specific field, eligible to apply.

The degree must have been conferred within five years of this application.

Postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty from national universities, hospitals, research centers, corporations, ministries, and companies across the Kingdom are encouraged to apply.

Terms and Conditions


This grant is subject to the RDIA’s policies and national regulations for research grants that govern all award personnel and activities.


All applicants should comply with the grant guidelines.


The proposal should offer unique and novel research.


Applicants must provide information on their CVs about ongoing grants and grants awarded after receiving a doctoral degree, if any.


The final grant amount may differ from the requested amount based on review recommendations and availability of funds.


All applicant institutions must have a science and technology unit (STU) to manage the grant cycle.


Important Dates

Grant Announcement 30-Aug-2023
Deadline to Submit the Proposal 31-Oct-2023


For more details, please refer to the grant documents below:


For application enquiries, such as eligibility queries, budget preparation, or technical issues with the portal, please contact